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Condensing steam-pumps.

Condensing steam-pumps. 
The principle of operation and application. 
If you need to supply water from a tank,
for example, from the boiler through a pipeline to the third floor of the building,
you need to create pressure in the pipeline in one
the atmosphere. On the sixth floor, two atmospheres. This is usually
makes the pump. Vane, centrifugal and reciprocating, but
pump, ie, unit, without which the house will be no
heating, no hot water. But, as the authors found
inventions <Method of fluid circulation through the pipeline>
(Patent N ° 11500,1996 year
http://www.ntpo.com/techno/techno2_2/21_1.shtml ), water
able to raise itself to any height. Just for
do this kind of a small part of it to turn into steam.
That is, boil this same part. 
From one liter of water is obtained by a pair of 1673 liters. That
with boiling water to create pressure to 2-3 atm
closed vessel, it is necessary that turned the water vapor
volume of 1.2 volume of the vessel. 
If the volume of one liter container, you need to (1 / 22) - (2 / 22)
mole of water. It turns out 1-2 grams of water at
litr.Teoreticheski turns out that the evaporative one liter of water,
You can pick up on the sixth floor of five hundred gallons of water. Two
liters of water evaporated raise twenty meters per
ton of water. As the water evaporated? The cheapest way is to
heat it open fire with wood, peat, etc. However,
the most convenient way-electric. The question arises-what
will be after the resulting steam is used? Pump
can not be a single action. And this problem
inventors decided originality. They do not warm the whole
water tank, and only a small part of it, a small
the tank. After the displacement of water from the tank, the steam in it
condense and create a vacuum. The resulting
vacuum sucks the next portion of water. Again
of evaporated water and went down again displace it from
Made on the basis of the present invention has been designed and
tested a large number of devices of different
purpose connected with the heating and pumping
of liquids. Proved to be most relevant for devices
independent heating and hot water
allowed to give up the central heating. And so
same pump powered by solar energy, for
pumping water from wells. 
Sergey Karpenko
Ecological North West Line

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